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children's choir

Purple Songs Can Fly regularly holds concerts and events to provide children who have written and recorded songs at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers an opportunity to perform their songs accompanied by our singer/songwriters, guest musicians, and other children.

If your child is interested in performing their song(s) at a concert or event with Purple Songs Can Fly, please contact Anita Kruse at and please include all of your contact information in the body of the email. 

Thank you
We would like to thank the following children who have participated so graciously in the concerts and events of Purple Songs Can Fly:


Alex, Brittany, Candis, Christian, Devin, Dominic, Emily, Estefany, Jeremiah, Jesus, Kira, Layla, Maddison, Mary Jo, Mia, Merari, Merlyn, Morgan, Nikki, Peyton, Rachel, Raymie, Rhett, Sam, Shantel, Simran, Sofia, Sophia, Stephen, Sterling, and Zachary.

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