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Purple Songs Can Fly and Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Center featured LIVE on KPRC HOUSTON LIFE with Dr. Dreyer and Ariana, who recently wrote a Purple Song for her little sister.

9/19/2023 view here


The first public performance of HOPE CAN HAPPEN at Unity of Houston is a great success.


Purple Songs Can Fly's Award Winning Documentary, JOURNEY TO HOPE, Released to the public

9/30/20  view here

Purple Songs Can Fly's Award Winning Documentary, JOURNEY TO HOPE Official Trailer Released

9/8/20  view here

Purple Songs Can Fly Documentary Recognized at WorldFest Houston

4/27/19 view here

Texas Medical Center Story featuring JOURNEY TO HOPE Premiere at WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 

4/9/19  view here

Baylor College of Medicine, BCM Momentum, From BCM to Carnegie Hall: Faculty and Students Take Center Stage;  

6/4/13  view here

Comcast Television, CNN Headline News, Newsmakers, Purple Songs Can Fly; 

January, 2013  view here

Houston Chronicle, Editorial, Song of hope: Out there waiting; 

12/17/12  view here

Culturemap, Music that heals: Texas Children's Hospital Cancer Center patients send a message of hope through song; 
11/21/12  view here

The Huffington Post, Purple Songs Can Fly; 

11/19/12  view here

Conroe Courier, It's Out There Waiting; 

11/19/12  view here

Houston Business Journal, ZapBoomBang Studios releases inaugural music project; 

11/13/12  view here

Fox 26 News, The Isiah Factor, The Purple Songs Can Fly kids released their latest single; 

11/13/12  view here

Culturemap, Wise words from cancer kids: ZapBoomBang Studios opens with a message of hope; 

6/10/12 view here

Culturemap, ZapBoomBang Studios christens new video production venue with waves of good karma;

6/7/12 view here

HispanicAd, ZapBoomBang opens its doors in Houston; 

6/6/12 view here

Fox 26 Television, Children with cancer record song of hope; 

6/4/12 view here

Houston Business Journal, ZapBoomBang Studios to open in Houston; 

5/31/12 view here

Bus 52 Presents, Purple Songs Can Fly;

5/15/12 view here

Houston PBS Television, Living Smart: The healing power of music; 

5/13/12 view here

Texas Children’s Hospital Blog, Purple Songs Can Fly celebrates its 300th song;

4/24/12 view here

Culturemap, Disco legend Nile Rodgers talks about cancer, Broadway & his Daft Punk connection; 

2/6/12 view here

Comcast Television, CNN Headline News, Newsmakers, Purple Songs Can Fly;

October, 2011 

Change Magazine, Medicine Music;

9/1/11 view here

Houston Chronicle, Composer, pianist helps children create songs that take flight; 

10/17/10 view here

KUHF Houston Public Radio, The Front Row: Purple Songs Can Fly;

8/13/10 listen here

Fox 26 Television, Purple Songs Can Fly (featuring American Idol contestant, Christian Spear); 
7/1/10 view here

Maryville Magazine, Medicine for the soul;
Spring/Summer 2010 

KWMU St. Louis Public Radio, Cityscape: Music therapy for kids;
4/30/10 view here

Cure, Childhood Cancer: Patients’ songs take flight;
12/22/09  view here

Woman’s World, Making a Difference: She’s healing sick kids…one song at a time!
11/30/09 view here

Fox Television, Thanksgiving Day Special—Kaleidoscope (featuring the children of Purple Songs Can Fly singing with Olivia Newton-John); 
11/24/09 view here, EducationWatch: ArtistShare’s—Hemispheres; 
8/31/09  view here

Fortune Magazine, CNN Money, Eight summer interns who beat the recession;
7/31/09  view here

Reader’s Digest, Songs of love;
June 2009  view here

New Paradigm Digest, The beautiful Purple Songs Can Fly project; 
5/29/09  view here

Houston Family Magazine, Houstonians: Purple Songs Can Fly;
March 2009

NBC Television, NBC Nightly News, Making a difference;
2/20/09 view here

Abilene Reporter-News, Albany teen’s story of recovery carried around the country;
1/2/09 view here

Associated Press,, Hospital music studio battles cancer with music;
1/1/09 view here

Texas Tech University, Talented TTUISD student dreams big for himself and others; 
8/26/08 view here

Family Circle, Good Works: Everyday ways we can all make a difference;
July 2008 view here

Houston Chronicle, Helping hands for cancer project;

KUHF Houston Public Radio, Astronaut returns songs kids sent into space;
3/12/08 listen here

Glamour, Awesome Women of the Moment! They’re changing the world—one great idea at a time;
March 2008 

New York Times, Fight against youth cancer enters the recording studio;
1/6/08 view here

Making Music Magazine, Small singer, big voices;
Nov/Dec 2007

Baylor College of Medicine magazine “Findings”, Spirits soar through creative music program;
September 2007 view here

Globe Newswire, Purple Songs Can Fly cleared for take-off on Continental;
4/24/07  view here

KUHF Houston Public Radio; Recording studio opens at Texas Children’s Hospital;
1/24/07 listen here

Greater Houston Weekly, Healing songs take flight figuratively and literally; 
10/25/06 view here

Houston Chronicle, Songwriter, pianist keys Purple Songs Can Fly project; 

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