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Voice America Kids — Purple Songs Can Fly Radio Show

From 2012 to 2015, Purple Songs Can Fly partnered with Voice America Kids Network to produce an online radio show hosted by Purple Songs' children, Emily Freeman, Zachary Tavlin and Dominic Dybala.  The show featured songs recorded by the children, and interviews with doctors, nurses, special guests, and, of course, the children of Purple Songs Can Fly.  The show aired multiple times daily online for three years on Voice America Kids Network and was broadcast internationally to more than 10,000 listeners. Please join in the fun by clicking on the links below to listen to our complete series of 30 radio shows. 

Listen to the Purple Songs Can Fly Radio Show series:


Episode 30 (4/6/15) Dominic's mom talks about being the mother of a cancer survivor.

Episode 29 (2/23/15) Dr. Mehmet Okcu continues his discussion on pediatric oncology.

Episode 28 (1/5/15) Dr. Mehmet Okcu discusses his research as a Pediatric Oncologist.

Episode 27 (12/8/14) Carol Herron, Director of Texas Children's Arts in Medicine Program.

Episode 26 (11/3/14) Zachary interviews pediatric nurse, Pat Gardner.

Episode 25 (10/6/14) Stephen Makia discusses his battle with cancer.

Episode 24 (9/8/14) Music therapist, musician and singer/songwriter, Julie Lytle.

Episode 23 (8/4/14) Performing artist, teacher and PSCF radio show producer, Carol Younkin.

Episode 22 (7/7/14) Cancer survivor and American Idol contestant, Christian Spear.

Episode 21 (6/9/14) Cay Taylor and Anita Kruse compare arts-based vs. music therapy.

Episode 20 (5/12/14) Cay Taylor discusses her role as a music therapist.

Episode 19 (4/14/14) Emily and Zachary introduce new co-host, Dominic Dybala.

Episode 18 (3/17/14) Dana Swan, Child Life Specialist at Texas Children's Hospital.

Episode 17 (2/17/14) Emily and Zachary pick and play their favorite Purple Songs.

Episode 16 (1/13/14) Zachary discusses the challenges of his first year at college.

Episode 15 (12/16/13) Breanna Murray talks about her career as a Child Life Specialist.

Episode 14 (11/18/13) Erika Alvarado discusses her battle with ovarian cancer.

Episode 13 (10/21/13) Zachary Tavlin and his family talk about his blood disorder.

Episode 12 (9/16/13) Astronaut, Dr. Scott Parazynski discusses his Mt. Everest climbs.

Episode 11 (8/19/13) Emily Freeman and her parents discuss her battle with brain cancer.

Episode 10 (7/22/13) Astronaut, Dr. Scott Parazynski discusses his Space Shuttle missions.

Episode 9 (6/24/13) Dr. Susan Blaney of Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Centers.

Episode 8 (5/27/13) Anita Kruse, founder of Purple Songs Can Fly.

Episode 7 (4/29/13) Dr. ZoAnn Dreyer of Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Centers.

Episode 6 (4/01/13) Marcia Chamberlain and Lauren Mitchell of Writers in the Schools.

Episode 5 (3/04/13) Todd Frazier, Director of the Center for Performing Arts Medicine.

Episode 4 (2/04/13) Purple Songs Can Fly songwriters Aaron Kaufman and Tricia Fox.

Episode 3 (12/24/12) Alex Lopez-Negrete, founder of ZapBoomBang Studios.

Episode 2 (11/26/12) Carol Herron, Director of Texas Children's Arts in Medicine Program.

Episode 1 (10/29/12) Anita Kruse, founder of Purple Songs Can Fly.


Listen to Purple Songs Can Fly Radio Show promo.


Purple Songs Can Fly thanks Emily Freeman, Zachary Tavlin, Dominic Dybala, Carol Younkin, Jackson Jhin, and Jonathan Freeman for their ongoing assistance with the Purple Songs Can Fly radio show.

On December 25, 2011, KTSU 90.9 FM in Houston, 

presented a Purple Songs Can Fly holiday radio show sharing many of the children’s songs and presenting interviews with Founder & Executive Director, Anita Kruse, Coordinator of the Arts In Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers, Carol Herron, Purple Songs Can Fly staff, Aaron Kaufman and Tricia Fox, and child songwriters, Zachary, Emily and Morgan. The children performed their songs live in the studio, and Purple Songs Can Fly recordings of many other children’s songs were shared throughout the program. Sheldon Nunn, Music Director at KTSU conducted the interviews and Sinclair Ridley, Studio Manager & Engineer at KTSU recorded the program.

KTSU Christmas radio program
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