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As the dreams, wishes, thoughts, feelings, and imaginations of the children take wing through the creativity of music, it is the vision of Purple Songs Can Fly that soaring, flying, and rising above the obstacles of illness can truly become a reality as each purple song that flies creates a tangible symbol for the hope of healing.


Purple Songs not only can fly, but do fly. Since the first song was recorded in 2006, the children’s songs have been copied on CDs or flydrives and “flown” on many modes of transportation by passengers, pilots and astronauts to countries, cities, special places, and special events on earth, undersea, and even into space.

Bahamas, 2012
Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Cologne, Munich), 2006
Honduras (Rotan), 2014
India (New Delhi) 2006, (Mumbai) 2012, (Agra, Jaipur) 2016
Japan (Tokyo) 2006, (Yatsushiro) 2008, (Tamana City) 2010 (Kumamoto) 2016
Bahrain, 2012
Belize, 2014
Botswana (Gaborone), 2012
Canada (Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan), 2009
China (Kashgar, Shanghai), 2006 (Taiwan) 2016 
France (Paris) 2006, (St. Barths) 2012, (Lyon) 2016
Hong Kong, 2006
Iceland, 2011
Italy (Assisi, Milan, Rome, Florence), 2006
Ireland (Shannon), 2006
Kuwait, 2012
Kazakhstan (Almaty), 2006
Mexico (Cozumel), 2014
Kyrgyzstan (Naryn), 2006
Morocco, 2012
Mongolia (Ulan Bator), 2006
New Zealand (Auckland), 2006
Netherlands (Amsterdam, Aruba), 2006
Nepal (Kathmandu), 2009
Peru (Machu Picchu), 2008
Norway (Oslo), 2006
Qatar (Doha), 2012
Portugal (Algarve), 2010
Serbia (Belgrade), 2012
Russia (Moscow), 2006
Uganda (Kampala), 2012
Turkey (Istanbul), 2006
Thailand (Bangkok), 2006
Tanzania (Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar), 2013
Switzerland (Zurich), 2006
Spain (Catalonia), 2006
United Arab Emirates (Dubai), 2012
United Kingdom (London, England), 2006
United States of America (Alaska) 2013, (Hawaii) 2017
Greece (Crete), 2016
Australia (Sydney) 2006, (Perth) 2012
Lebanon (Beirut), 2017
Nicaragua, 2017
Philippines (Cebu), 2016
Indonesia (Bali), 2016
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