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Since the founding of Purple Songs Can Fly in 2006, we have received hundreds of beautiful letters, emails, and notes on our guestbook, from patients, their families, and people all over the world who have been touched by the mission of Purple Songs. We would like to share a few of these words with you. 

“Dear Anita, Alex, Mary Jo, Stephen, Zachary and Nikki – Thank you so much for sharing your words and your hearts so that we could write the song for the “Kaleidoscope” show. I so loved meeting you and your spirits touched my soul. Anita, you are an incredible, loving and inspiring woman! Thank you for all you are doing! Love & light!”

– Olivia Newton-John, recording artist.

Watch Olivia singing "Hope Is Always Here" with the children of Purple Songs Can Fly.

“It is an incredible honor to take the heartfelt lyrics of amazing and courageous children and turn them into a poignant song with Olivia.”

– David Foster, composer and producer

“Anita - Thank you so much to you and Tricia for spending time writing and recording with Meg today.  She had a total blast!  As she told us on the way home, "that is the funnest thing they have there!"  It's been a very difficult four weeks (she was just diagnosed last month), and it was such a bright spot for her to finally lay down a track for the famous "My Name is Meg, Rap!"  She's been singing it for several years.  I put a little post on her CaringBridge website about the recording session and directed everyone to your website.  What a fantastic organization.  Thank you for serving Meg and other kids with cancer.  You are doing wonderful work.”

– Rhonda, mother of a patient

“My daughter recorded “Higher than the Skies” – she wrote the song and it is so very beautiful! Anita is a blessing for these children and what an uplifting, happy day we had! Thanks to all of you!”

– Pamela, mother of a patient

“Hi!!!! I just want to say thank you guys for helping me with my beautiful song “Dream”. I love it. It had always been my dream to write my own song and I love singing. When I grow up, I want to be a singer. Thank you guys and keep doing more Purple Songs—you’re great!!! Love you!”

– Stephanie, patient, age 15

“I want to thank Anita and everyone involved in the creation of this wonderful program. My son, Stephen, wrote “I can make it”. He was diagnosed with Hodgkins in March and approached in April to be a part of Purple Songs Can Fly. The song has been truly inspirational and has aided me and my family in this journey of hope, faith and healing. Stephen is only 12 years old, yet he has a very important grown-up message in his song. Thank you! Thank you!”

– Ree, mother of a patient

“This is the absolute BEST news I have ever seen on TV. I caught it tonight on FOX. Keep on with those Purple Songs Can Fly – What a Treat!!”

– Sharon

“Thanks for helping me to create all the great songs that we’ve done. I always look forward to creating with you and all the cool musicians that hang out at Purple Songs Can Fly. You are so special to me!”

– Raymie, patient, age 9

“I wanted to say thank you, Anita, for having the vision and the devotion to make Purple Songs Can Fly become such an awesome outlet for the children receiving care at Texas Children’s Hospital. Music can evoke feelings and emotions, music can heal. Personally, I think that music makes the world go round. I know that Gracie enjoyed writing, singing, and recording. And in doing so, my husband and I have yet another piece of Gracie to cherish forever.”

– Heather, mother of a patient

“Dear Ms. Anita – Thanks for scheduling a day for me to come and make a song. Thank you for using your time for me. I thought it was really fun making the song, it was also cool making the song. Thank you for putting the song together.”

– Austin, patient, age 11

“To Purple Songs Can Fly – Thank you for the opportunity to allow Purple Songs to fly in space!”

– Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper, Astronaut

“Thank you for being so patient and understanding with my son, Jonathan. Because of his autism, it is so hard for him to verbalize his feelings. He now goes around the house and constantly sings his song “I Hate Shots.” He definitely is better prepared to battle his leukemia thanks to your generous gift of music and song.” 

– Donna, mother of a patient

“Not only am I an adult cancer survivor, but I am also a songwriter and singer. This project moves me to tears, but more than that, it makes me want to help others do something like this. You are an inspiration. We all know that cancer takes more than physical tolls upon us. Anything that helps to let go of the anxieties, express feelings, hopes, fears, is good. Thank you for this great effort and gift to people who need it. And for those of us who are given the chance to listen.”

– Andrea

“Yesterday I spent the day with the patients and staff of the Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. It’s an amazing place. I was beyond impressed with the balance of technology, recreation, inspiration, art, music, spirituality, and humanity. I normally talk a lot, but as they say, “a picture’s worth a thousand words” – these pictures are worth a fortune. Here’s how I spent my day With Some Real People.”

– Nile Rodgers, musician, songwriter and producer

“Anita, This is important and beautiful work you and your musical team are doing! The children’s songs are lovely and truly inspiring. Thank you for harnessing their light by shining your own – the love you create together through music reaches all of us.”

– Rebecca

“Anita – I was very inspired by an article I read about the recording studio you built in the pediatric cancer hospital in Texas. I have been building similar studios in the Phoenix House (a drug rehab center for kids) facilities in NY and LA. I think the next one I build is gonna be following your lead. What you are doing is incredible and I see first-hand how the kids that use the studios I build are inspired and healed. I think we share a common respect for music and its transformative powers and ability to change people’s lives.”

– Kara DioGuardi, songwriter and producer

“What an awe inspiring, spirit building, memory making, jaw dropper of a project! Our only child, Jamie, died September 13th, 2007 of Rhabdomyosarcoma at our home, in our arms. He was treated at University of California San Francisco, but we live in Nevada. We were gone from home for so long but he fought the battle with everything he had. He was used to fighting though, as he was born with Spina Bifida and spent the first 4 weeks of his life at Texas Children’s in the Neo Natal unit. He was a constant patient there for 2 years, before we moved out west. He would have LOVED this project. I wish you could expand it to all the children’s hospitals. I know I am going to forward your website onto the Child Life people at UCSF, so they can learn about it. These songs are precious, in more ways than one. I wish I had one to hear my son’s voice. Thank you for making them.”

– Shaw

“Anita – I am incredibly proud of what you are doing and I am glad Continental can help. It doesn’t get much better than to be featured in the The New York Times on Sunday.”

– Larry Kellner, Chief Executive Officer, Continental Airlines

“The school I teach in has, as part of its mission, a social motive, encouraging students to share their gifts, skills and knowledge with others. Your inspiring website, and especially the songs will be part of my curriculum next year.”

– Mark

“Dear Anita, you have been so wonderful to me and my family over the past two years. Knowing you has been a miracle in my life! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of Purple Songs Can Fly.”

– Alex, patient, age 9

“I just got done reading your article in Woman’s World magazine and on this Thanksgiving Day, I would like to thank you for the hope and healing you offer to these precious children and their families. You are an inspiration for us all to reach out and make our own mark on the world.”

– Melissa

“I recently had a chance to get back to the recording studios of Purple Songs Can Fly, located at Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. I’ve been inspired for several years by the talented children and their mentor/creative genius, Anita Kruse. Kids undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments can take their minds to another place and create beautiful music, recordings of which I’ve taken with me to space, and more recently to the summit of Everest. Several of my favorite kids on the planet gave a concert while I was there, and I shared a few stories from the mountain with them (and returned a CD that had been to the top).”

– Scott Parazynski, Astronaut

“I just wanted to let you all know that this is an excellent program. I can tell you first-hand how wonderful Purple Songs Can Fly is. My 10 year old daughter HATES to visit the Hematologist and she makes it very difficult to draw blood. Before being called to give blood, Aaron Kaufman approached my daughter and asked her if she liked to write songs. She got very excited and started talking to him. As she was called for her appointment, Aaron followed her to the room and continued working with her on “her song.” While writing the song, the nurse drew blood without even a movement or complaint by my daughter! Amazing! As the doctor arrived, Aaron excused himself but promised to help her finish her song. We learned that we would have to return to the doctor in three weeks. I was worried about what my daughter would say. Surprisingly, she said that she was excited to come back because she had to ‘finish her song.” Aaron made an appointment with my daughter one hour before her actual return appointment. Needless to say, we had no complaints or problems getting to the next appointment since Purple Songs Can Fly and Aaron Kaufman were planning to meet us too. They met, finished the song, recorded it, and gave my daughter CDs. I cannot say enough about this project. I would have never thought something like this would get my daughter to be willing to visit the hematologist and cooperate with bloodwork. Thank you Purple Songs Can Fly and thank you to Aaron Kaufman.”

– Deanna, mother of a patient

“I was writing to tell you how much we appreciate Purple Songs Can Fly!  My daughter, Sullivan, had what turned out to be a wonderful day...on a day that would have normally been very traumatizing to her.  She was so blessed to have been approached by Tricia at Texas Children's.  Tricia was so absolutely beautiful to Sullivan...she treated her like a star!  When we left Texas Children's Hospital on October 26th...Sullivan and I both "floated" out the door...we were both on cloud nine!  On the way home we weren't talking about the implications of the blood tests that were ordered that day...we weren't discussing the fact that she had nine vials of blood taken out of her little body...we were singing Sullivan's Turtle Song and laughing all the way back to Katy! When Sullivan's grandparents called to inquire about the visit with the doctor, their ears were filled with the delightful story of Sullivan becoming a recording artist that day!  She was so excited about her CD...we almost forgot to fill them in on the "medical news" of the day. From the deepest part of our hearts...Thank you and God Bless.”

– Rachele, mother of a patient

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