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Dear Jenna

"Dear Jenna" —ShyAnne, 12


Dear Jenna,


I'm happy that you are my best friend.  But I want to tell you that you're more than my best friend, you're more like my sister.  I remember that day that we met, it was your brother's birthday party.  I knew when I saw you, if we hang out more, we'd be more best friends.  You're a really good friend to me, and I hope I have been a really good friend to you.  When we go to each other's houses, we try to make the other feel at home like sisters.  We like to do each other's nails and make-up, and also like to play video games.  Maybe this summer we can go swimming, and it would be really fun if you can come.  When we play "school", I like that we take turns on who is teacher.  You're only one mile down the road from me, and I'm happy that you are my best friend.


Love always,



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