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Like Someone's Soul on the Page

"Like Someone's Soul on the Page" —Alexander, 16


Think for a minute, if you have time, and please listen to what I’ve got to say.


Education today wants you to learn so many things, like math and science and such.


But before you say I’m another kid, who does not care about his education, take this into mind: have you ever had a school day where you learned about the beauty and purity of art in the world?


Or, maybe when the teacher says “hey, forget about the lesson plan today, let’s go outside and learn about whatever.”


You see, today, they only teach you what is needed to get a job. They do not teach to open the mind, so that you can understand a rhyme that’s deep, that has so much thought into… like it’s someone’s soul on the page.


To turn your words into weapons, like I said before: my pen is my sword and the page is my shield.


So I teach myself about what I need to know. And learn from my friends, and learn from nature.


Keep my head in the sky, and my feet are still on the ground. I hope you like the sound of what I just said.

© 2006 Purple Songs Can Fly

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